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A few words about

What I Do

areas of practice

I'm actively involved in numerous projects, from one-on-one mentoring & group counselling to Keynote inspirational speaking.

I am a Proud Yupungathi \ Gangalidda woman helping empowering women and youth to be stronger independent next Generation Leaders. I help them break the negative cycle to thinking and understanding intergenerational trauma to intergenerational wisdom. 
I am an Aboriginal Author, Mentor and Inspirational Speaker. 
I talk about life experience and how I step away from the negative in life journey and step into the power of Clarity & Confidence. I have written my own autobiography book as a Domestic Violence survivor titled “We Are Warriors”, as I want to inspire and motivate other people in the same situation.
I take bookings for online group camps/sessions, one-on-one mentoring and group Keynote Speaking.

Keynote Speaker

I want the world to hear my personal story that developed from a diverse background to empower women. I do Inspirational Speaking to many women groups from the Domestic Violence Women Shelter and Aboriginal Health Organizations as a special guest speaker. I would like to connect with other people who are survivors, authors, companies, and organizations to collaborate and work together.

Youth Mentoring

The young people are the future both in families and cultural downflow. Inspiring and protecting 'our' children through the tough times with sound advice and an open heart is key to making a better future for all peoples. I counselled Youth Suicide Programs & Healing Intervention Programs, helping them explore & identify their passion in life, while still loving and respecting their culture.

Domestic Violence & Family Counselling

As a survivor of my own personal battles with intergenerational trauma, domestic violence, and alcohol abuse, I know what it is to be both the victim and the victor in the toughest of times. If you are a woman suffering in your own personal battles, I'd like to tell you - you are not alone. Please take the time to get in touch with me as I offer you hope for the future, from someone who has come out on top.

Indigenous Community Counselling

Whatever your story, no matter where you have come from, your history is important and can play an essential role in unlocking your future. My message is one of embracing the past of who we are as women in our unique cultural contexts, and bringing that into the new generation for a brighter and better future, the light shone by those who lit the fires for us in ages past.

Mother & Daughter/Son Healing Packages

Sometimes family pain requires family healing. In my experience as a counsellor and grief therapist I have found that tackling issues together can bring about the greatest long term results. No matter how you might feel right now about the past, dealing with the trauma with an experience counsellor can make all the difference for you, your future and the future of all your family. Contact me today.

Online Counselling

With everything going on in the world, we can put off the part of us that needs the greatest help. Regardless what your situation is, your location, or your availability, we can make a start as soon as you are willing to bring you back from the brink, and into a life that was meant for you. All you need is a phone or a laptop with an internet connection, and we can make it work for you. Contact me today.


Are you looking for an Inspirational Speaker for your events? Would you like to collaborate with an organisation that can make a real impact on women's lives and our community?