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Blue Butterfly Skye was founded by Tina Haywood, an Aboriginal author, mentor & Keynote speaker. It's about teaching women who have suffered from abuse to get their power back, & helping our communities grow stronger together in a dark and challenging world.


My story starts way back, from working in the Australian Defence Force to founding my own company, Blue Butterfly Skye.

I’m a proud Yupungathi/Gangalidda women. I had been in the Australian Defence Force for 7 years before I founded Blue Butterfly Skye.

Through Blue Butterfly Skye, I want the world to hear my personal story. It’s a biography from living with Domestic Violence, and suffering sexual assault and child abuse trauma as a child at 7 years old, going into the Australian Defence force, through to becoming a mother, mentor, survivor and overcoming continuous adversities. The Spirit and Strength in my heart made me a strong woman that I am today.

I have a passion and love for mentoring young people, an experience which I have in the Australian Defence Force and Rugby League Girls Team. I also do Inspirational Speaking to many women groups from the Domestic Violence Women Shelter and Aboriginal Health Organizations as a very special guest speaker. I was a Youth Correctional Officer, Youth Healing & Suicide Intensive Case Manager.

I would like to connect with other people who are survivors, authors, companies, and organizations to collaborate and work together.



If you would like to collaborate with an organisation making a real impact on women's lives and our communities, email me at contact@bluebutterflyskye.com.au or contact me through link below.