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a tina haywood project of the Yupungathi \ Gangalidda tribes

Spiritual Rebirth & Positive Change in a dark and challenging world.

Take the leap of faith, and move forward in your life with women who understand the pain and suffering which sometimes comes from those closest to us.


Welcome to Blue Butterfly Skye.

I'm Tina Haywood, Aboriginal author, mentor & inspirational Keynote speaker.

I am a proud Yupungathi / Gangalidda woman, a descendant from my ancestors who have walked this earth for 65,000 years. The spirit in my heart made me the strong woman I am today.
My mission is to help empowering other women and youth to be be stronger independent next generation leaders. I help them break through the negative cycle to thinking and understanding intergenerational trauma to intergenerational wisdom. 
I want the world to hear my personal story that developed from a diverse background. It’s teaching women to give their power back and not be afraid to make decisions that truly matter.
It’s a biography about living with domestic violence and suffering from sexual assault and child abuse trauma as a child at 7 years old, going into the Australian Defence force, through to becoming a mother, mentor, survivor and overcoming continuous adversities.
“My message to you, and every woman is one of hope, fearlessness, and the warrior heart which finds its foundation in the rich Aboriginal heritage which I am proud to be a part of. Past, present and future.”
– Tina Haywood

What I Do

I'm a survivor of Domestic Violence and a strong leader. I have worked in many different areas & I'm passionate about helping youth, women and indigenous communities.

Author: 'We Are Warriors'

My autobiography is called 'We Are Warriors', an Aboriginal Women Story which was published in November 2020. It's a biography of living with domestic violence, suffering sexual assault & child abuse trauma, going into the Australian Defence Force, through to becoming a mother, mentor, survivor and overcoming continuous adversities. This book is about growing & the bigger picture of what to focus on in life.

Mentor / Counsellor

I have a passion and love for mentoring women and young people, an experience that I have in the Australian Defence Force and Rugby League Girls Team. I have led many leadership courses/programs & worked in many roles throughout my career, including Youth Suicide Worker, Healing Intervention Programs, Aboriginal & Torres Strait Islander Communities Counselling, Teaching & Mentoring.

Keynote Speaker

I want the world to hear my personal story that developed from a diverse background to empower women. I do Inspirational Speaking to many women groups from the Domestic Violence Women Shelter and Aboriginal Health Organizations as a special guest speaker. I would like to connect with other people who are survivors, authors, companies, and organizations to collaborate and work together.

The young people are the future both in families and cultural downflow. Inspiring and protecting ‘our’ children through the tough times with sound advice and an open heart is key to making a better future for all peoples.

I counselled Youth Suicide Programs & Healing Intervention Programs, helping them explore & identify their passion in life, while still loving and respecting their culture.

As a survivor of my own personal battles with intergenerational trauma, domestic violence, and alcohol abuse, I know what it is to be both the victim and the victor in the toughest of times. If you are a woman suffering in your own personal battles, I’d like to tell you – you are not alone. Please take the time to get in touch with me as I offer you hope for the future, from someone who has come out on top.

Whatever your story, no matter where you have come from, your history is important and can play an essential role in unlocking your future. My message is one of embracing the past of who we are as women in our unique cultural contexts, and bringing that into the new generation for a brighter and better future, the light shone by those who lit the fires for us in ages past.

It’s hard to understand how much damage can be done between people when someone is an abuser in a relationship. Here I offer the support to speak the unspoken, and to start to unravel the hurt that has occurred through years of active abuse, or neglect. Coming together as a family can bring about the greatest and deepest healing, and saying what needs to be said with an experienced counsellor can start the wheel turning towards a path of healing and victory.

Sometimes family pain requires family healing. In my experience as a counsellor and grief therapist I have found that tackling issues together can bring about the greatest long term results. No matter how you might feel right now about the past, dealing with the trauma with an experience counsellor can make all the difference for you, your future and the future of all your family. Bring your family back from the pain today. Contact me today.

With everything going on in the world, we can put off the part of us that needs the greatest help. Regardless what your situation is, your location, or your availability, we can make a start as soon as you are willing to bring you back from the brink, and into a life that was meant for you. All you need is a phone or a laptop with an internet connection, and we can make it work for you. Contact me today.

Best Selling Book -

'We Are Warriors'

My name is Tina. I have lived through a difficult childhood and a hard, rough life. 

Growing up poor, I didn’t understand why this world was so hard to live in. I had to teach myself to grow up at a young age and not continue repeating history, such as inter-generational trauma, alcohol abuse, as well as living with domestic violence. 

This book is about growing, as I have had setbacks in life. It’s about the bigger picture and what to focus on in my life… when we have big impacts in life, we must adjust. 

We have to appreciate the now, and not worry about the future, taking one day at a time. 

I am an Aboriginal woman, but I don’t let that define me. Rather, it is about me as a strong, powerful woman and being a human being. I now have a successful career in the Australian Defence Force. I am always picking up new tools to live a happier life while I still walk this earth as my ancestors once walked before me, and to turn the negative emotions into positive emotions. I do this not only for myself but for my beautiful kids.

Don’t let your past define you. You too can make something out of your life.

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Are you looking for an Indigenous Keynote Speaker for your Events?

Do you have an event that would benefit from a message of overcoming obstacles, moving past challenge, and inspiring growth?

I am an Ex Defence Army Mentor, Speaker & Author.

I am passionate, bold and have a fierce approach to living life.

Along with Keynote, I also inspire and empower victims/survivors of domestic violence, sexual assault and youth bullying. I share my story as a sexual assault and domestic violence survivor and what it takes to no longer be a victim from the pain & chains that once controlled my life.

Keynote Speaker Events

From Keynote Speaker Event "Healing Our Journey" - SEWB Workforce Development Support Unit, Queensland Aboriginal & Islander Health Council.

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You will feel inspired, moved, and realise that you have an inner warrior no matter what colour you are, what background you are from, and never hold back what you fight for. Ultimately, it's about healing, resilience, courage, and letting go of the trauma and remembering self-love once again and wisdom not only just for you but for your family and friends.

Tina Haywood

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